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This really depends on when you get in touch. I only take on a handful of one on one clients, as like you, my focus is on creating scalable products! If you'd like to be considered for private coaching, the sooner you get in touch with me, the more likely you are to get a spot. 

What's your availability like for one on one coaching?

Unfortunately I no longer provide done-for-you digital marketing and launching services. 

This was my original business, and while it was good while it lasted, I'm just like you - I'm after a freedom-based business. 


Do you offer done-for-you launching or digital marketing services?

I'm always looking for podcast guests who either have a success story they'd like to share from their own online course experience, or a specific skill that will help online course creators grow. 

If you think you fit either of those categories, fill in the form above and let's chat! 

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Sure, I can help with this. 

If you've got a smaller budget and you like to learn at your own pace, then my online course Launch and Thrive is for you. 

If you really like to roll with a higher level of support in your business (me too!), then the best next step is to hop on a Zoom and we can decide on the best option together. 

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Online Course Creator Show

Grab a tasty mocktail and join me as I dive into the world of online courses, launching and creating a freedom-based business for go-getting women in business.

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