But that’s just one part of my story. You should probably know that…

I’m a digital marketer and online course strategist and coach who is on a mission to help female online entrepreneurs become financially free, without being stuck at their desk 24/7 with multiple different clients bosses.  

Hey there, I’m Lou!

I’m a 90's hip hop loving adventure-seeking boy mama who dabbles between the luxurious life and simple barefoot vibes…and I’m on a mission to live a life fuelled by freedom while helping other women to do the same. 

Hey entrepreneur! Get ready…it’s time for more freedom in your biz. 

And I do it with my unique empowering coaching style, where you learn the skills as we go so that you can scale it to the moon.

After working in marketing for 15 years, and as a coach for 4 years focused purely on the online course business model, I’ve got some proven (and potent) tricks up my sleeve. 

I can show you how to get paid to create your first online course, and how to grow this new part of your business so that you can reduce (or even stop) those one to ones.

You’re in exactly the right place

You started your business for freedom but instead you’re working nights and weekends.

Your current revenue and impact is limited to the number of hours you have in your day (and how much energy you can muster)

You want your work to impact way more people


You’ve got online courses already and now it’s time to reach that new level in business.

You’re here because…

I’d set my signs on becoming a booked out freelancer, but that was the wrong goal.

Before becoming a coach and online marketing teacher, I was working as a freelancer, helping small businesses grow their businesses with online marketing. 

At the time, I thought that in order to make an income I had to be at my desk, physically working. I believed that the way to make money and grow my business was exchanging my time for income. I also thought that starting my own business and becoming booked out was automatically going to bring a newfound freedom that I didn’t have in my old job. 

But as time went on, I began to feel more and more exhausted, like I couldn’t keep up. I was tired of spending all my time getting dream results for my clients, but my own business couldn’t grow any further unless I cloned myself. The level of impact I started this business to make didn’t feel possible, because I was tapped out, both time wise and energetically. And most of all, I didn’t have the time or energy to give my loved ones the attention they deserved. I knew there had to be a better way. 

I used to be a freelancer…

But I knew there were so many other business women who had started their business for freedom but felt more stressed than ever. 

After adding $100k of additional revenue to my business over the next 18 months, my passion for this world of online courses and digital products was well and truly born. I now had financial and time freedom, and had more spare time than ever! 

One day, after a particularly successful launch I’d helped one client with while they were travelling the world, it hit me - they were reaping the rewards while I did all the work! I already had the skills and knowledge I needed (I’d been sharing them with my clients already!) to grow my own business in the same way, I just needed the product. So I hired a coach for support and accountability and set about launching and creating my first online course. 

Now I get to help go-getting female online entrepreneurs to have the financial and time freedom they desire by creating, selling and scaling online courses. I’ve helped many women achieve their dreams of $10 to $30k launches from a new online course. I’d love to help you do the same

Online courses were my ticket to a freedom lifestyle (and could be yours too)! 

I knew I needed to help them create a better business model where income wasn’t directly tied to how many hours they could work. Armed with my digital marketing and launching know-how, I took a coaching certification and started helping female online entrepreneurs to change their situation too.   

Their words

Leeann Bassett, Social Media Coach

“The money that I invested into working with you has come back to me at least four times over. While it felt like an investment at the beginning, I realised I’m really investing in my business. And now I’ve got this online product that I can sell over and over again. And it’s continuing to help more people and to make me money.”

Sally Prosser, Voice Coach

“I was lacking strategy in my launching and doing a lot of crossing my fingers hoping for the best. Lou helped me get clarity around the launching process and gave me the confidence to use Facebook Ads. My launch turned out to be the highest earning on record and I couldn’t have done it without Lou’s expert support and guidance.”

Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland, Your Life Live It

Lou helped us create online courses that sell. This was instrumental, and we would have never done that without Lou’s expertise. 
Lou asks you the questions that bring out of you something that you might not even know yourself. In a very short space of time, she gets down to what really matters for you and your brand.”

Perfect for the business owner who craves more accountability and support to make their launch happen


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Go from vague idea to crystal clear clarity and walk away with your dream online course offer all mapped out and ready to sell.


Ready to make magic?

Work with Lou

Welcome friend! I'm your new launching & marketing bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

Lou xx