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Grab a tasty mocktail and join me as I dive into the world of online courses, launching and creating a freedom-based business for go-getting women in business.

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The podcast for women who are ready to do
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– CJ Telford

"What I love about Lou is she is genuine, relatable and very grounded and her podcast reflects all of these traits. Combine this with her vast experience in life, biz and coaching and this podcast will be a real asset for anyone who listens."

– Sally Prosser

"I was so excited to see Lou launch this podcast! Lou has a wealth of knowledge and experience that every female online biz owner should tap into."

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In this episode, I'm addressing a problem from one of my audience members who is overwhelmed with effectively selling their online courses, because they have so many offers - even they are confused! 

Should You Create One Online Course or Multiple?

Heading into another launch and want to upgrade your results? This episode is full of practical tips and strategies to get you there. 

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Prepare to learn how to show up confidently online and use your voice to propel your online business forward, with speaking coach Sally Prosser. 

How To Speak Up For Your Business As An Online Course Creator with Sally Prosser

It's one thing to want to create and sell an online course in your business, but to move past the doubts and fear to do it anyway - legendary status!

Worried That No-one Will Buy Your Course?

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I’m Lou Blakely, and I’m here to help you transform from stressed-out freelancer to a freedom-based business built on your terms, where you get to experience more free time, an income that is not capped by the hours you have in the day (or the energy you can muster), and a life where you get to impact thousands of people.

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