I provide online training and courses to turn your ideas into income, and your time into impact.

Turn your knowledge into a scalable online course or digital product so that you can

experience a business fuelled by freedom

experience a business fuelled by freedom

experience a business fuelled by freedom


Get ready to say bye bye to the overflowing and unrealistic schedule, and start growing a successful business on your own terms, where you can impact hundreds of people (if not thousands), make a lot more money, and most importantly, get your time (and life) back

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Help you create a business model that will allow you to have financial and time freedom, while creating the impact you crave! 

Empower you to reach your goals with strategy, mindset and energy. 

Teach you the online marketing skills needed to make this happen 

my job is to:

I’m Lou Blakely, and I’m here to help you transform from stressed-out service provider to a freedom-based business built on your terms, where you get to experience more free time, an income that is not capped by the hours you have in the day (or the energy you can muster), and a life where you get to impact thousands of people.

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Perfect for the established business owner who is ready to take their courses to mid-6 & 7 figures.


My most popular offer for action-takers who want the right launch strategy created for them (in just one day!)

VIP Launch Strategy Day

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Launch and Thrive

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Carla McNeil, CEO of Learning Matters

“Everything that Louise taught us through the process, all of the coaching calls that we had, all of the self-belief that she assisted us with, saw us go into a soft launch of this product and totally blitz any targets that we had. It was absolutely phenomenal.”

Trish Martin, Chromatical

“I came to Louise in a fluster. I’ve now booked in for a quarterly VIP Day with Louise as a regular part of my business process, to build out & optimise my launches every time so they just keep getting bigger & better. I highly recommend her!” 

Sally Prosser, Voice Coach

“My launch turned out to be the highest earning on record and I couldn’t have done it without Louise’s expert support and guidance.”

3 Mistakes First Time Course Creators Are Making (and what to do instead)

How to Create an Online Course That You Love & People Want To Buy

Building an Audience First vs. Launching Your Online Course: Which Comes First? 

Online Course Creator Show

Grab your fave mocktail and join me as I dive into the world of online courses, launching and creating a freedom-based business for go-getting women in business.

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(with your host Lou Blakely)


How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome In Your Online Business

5 Essential Ingredients For A Successful Digital Product Launch

The One Must Do After Every Digital Product Launch

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Launch and Thrive teaches you how to create your own launch strategy that sets you up to Thrive…because it’s based on your strengths, the time you have available, and what your audience wants.

It’s the launch course with a difference - it’s a blend of strategy, mindset and energetics to help you thrive! 

Join Lou as she shows you the exact steps to take your idea, turn it into an online offer and launch it successfully to the world. 

It’s time to take that online course off the ‘one day’ list and make it a reality

Launch and Thrive

I am fiercely committed to helping female entrepreneurs take the path less travelled, and create a life of time and financial freedom.

Welcome friend! I'm your new launching & marketing bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

Lou xx