It’s time to take action in the direction of your dreams

If you’re looking to get your time back, impact more people and make more money, you're in the right place.

I help business owners (just like you) turn your knowledge and expertise in a scalable online course (or other digital product). 

I've got a range of options to suit the level of support you need. 

A self-study course to take your online course from a dream to reality. 

Launch and Thrive

Private coaching for established business owners who want to uplevel in all areas of their business.

Online Business

Let’s spend a day together to map out your first or next launch strategy for ultimate success!

VIP Launch Strategy Day

Work with Lou

These fearless business owners turned their knowledge into freedom. Will you? 

Leeann Bassett, Social Media Coach

“The money that I invested into working with Lou has come back to me at least four times over. While it felt like an investment at the beginning, I realised I’m really investing in my business. And now I’ve got this online product that I can sell over and over again. And it’s continuing to help more people and to make me money.”

Carla McNeil, CEO of Learning Matters

“Everything that Louise taught us through the process, all of the coaching calls that we had, all of the self-belief that she assisted us with, saw us go into a soft launch of this product and totally blitz any targets that we had. It was absolutely phenomenal.”

 Sally Prosser, Voice Coach

“I was lacking strategy in my launching and doing a lot of crossing my fingers hoping for the best. Louise helped me get clarity around the launching process. My launch turned out to be the highest earning on record and I couldn’t have done it without Louise’s expert support and guidance.”

I’m Lou Blakely, and I’m here to help you transform from stressed-out freelancer to a freedom-based business built on your terms, where you get to experience more free time, an income that is not capped by the hours you have in the day (or the energy you can muster), and a life where you get to impact thousands of people.

Hi, I’m Lou!


Welcome friend! I'm your new launching & marketing bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

Lou xx