Welcome to Episode 53 of the Online Course Creator Show. Are you unsure how to turn your existing service or what you do as a freelancer into an online course that you love and does your work justice, but also is in high demand and will deliver the results for your business? Look no more, […]

How To Create An Online Course That You Love & People Want

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Do you grow your audience before launching your new online course, or should you put your course together and see how that first launch goes? The common advice is to grow your audience first, and while yes, audience growth is vital as a course creator, I believe in a different approach. I’m sharing that with […]

Building an Audience vs. Launching Your Online Course: Which Comes First?

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Episode 51 of the Online Course Creator Show Are you experiencing lower than usual launch results at the moment? If so, it’s time to refocus and make sure your offer is hitting the mark. In this episode, I share very tactical things you can do to improve your results, regardless of the economy. In this […]

Launch Results Down? Here’s What To Do…

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Episode 50 of the Online Course Creator Show I can’t believe I’ve recorded and published 50 podcast episodes. It’s been a wild ride! Nothing could have prepared me for the journey this has been, and I’m only just getting started. I thought I’d record this to share with you the ups and downs of this […]

5 Lessons From 50 Podcast Episodes

Entrepreneurship, Podcast

Welcome to episode 49 of the Online Course Creator Show. What if you could create messaging for your course that truly captures its transformative power and reels in your ideal audience? Look no further! I had the incredible opportunity to chat with Morgan Spencer, a brand and messaging strategist who specialises in helping course creators […]

Morgan Spencer Interview: 3 Messaging Tips To Sell Out Your Next Course Launch

Guest Interviews, Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Episode 48 of the Online Course Creator Show Struggling to decide between hosting a free masterclass or a free challenge for your online course launch? In today’s episode, I guide you through the pros and cons of each option, ensuring you make the best choice for both you and your audience. In this episode, I […]

Free Masterclass vs. Free Challenge – Which One Is Right For You?

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Imagine making $8,000 before even creating your online course – sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s exactly what I did, and in this episode, I’m spilling the beans on how I pulled it off. Listen in as I reveal my sell-first-create-second strategy, which I believe is the ultimate game-changer for busy service […]

How I Got Paid $8k To Create My First Online Course

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Struggling to pick the perfect course topic for your online business? One that is going to be worth it…because it makes you money? This episode is for you. I walk you through a process that will help you choose an online course topic that people actually want, so that you have the success you deserve. […]

How to pick a profitable course topic

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Episode 45 of the Online Course Creator Show There are some common mistakes that I see happening over and over again for the first time course creators. In this episode I cover 3 mistakes that I see all too often, and that are easily avoidable. Tune in so that you know what to avoid, so […]

3 Mistakes First Time Course Creators Are Making (and what to do instead)

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

Episode 44 of the Online Course Creator Show Do you find that you tend to hide in your launches, or you still haven’t moved forward with your first launch, despite your best intentions? Then this is the episode for you. While strategy is important for a great launch, so is getting your mindset on side […]

How To Stop Hiding & Start Showing Up In Your First or Next Launch

Online Courses & Digital Products, Podcast

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